‘Welcome to Wales Mr. President’

Dear Mr. President,

Welcome to my Country, Welcome to Wales, Croeso i Cymru.

You may remember me; I was in New York in August 2008, approximately five months before you first became elected. I was in full support of you, what you stood for, your political party and purchased a t-shirt to show my alliance. You were fresh faced, represented change and your childhood was spent in Hawaii and Indonesia. It was evident to see that even as a child you had been exposed to different ways of life and cultures.  You were relatively young, and could engage with youth. Confidently, you spoke about using alcohol and marijuana in your teenage years. Let’s be honest Mr. President, who hasn’t? And anyway, what’s the big deal?


NY 2008 supporting your campaign

I mean, some of those over powering, psychopathic, military minded, greed chasing politicians that you opposed, should maybe sit down one day, share a big fat spliff and actually consider what life is really about. Working out that question is arguably the hardest thing in the world, but I’m pretty sure it’s NOT about domination, violence and war (you don’t really need a spliff to work that one out!)

It’s been a long time since you assumed office, five and half years to be precise. January 20th 2009 was your big day; I can recall it quite well, it was also my 23rd birthday. As you completed the oath of office and became arguably the world’s most powerful man, I was falling in love for the first time and had actually broke a bone in my thumb whilst playing rugby (you must go and watch this game whilst you’re in Wales – it’s our national sport).

Anyway Mr. President, those five and half years have been a rollercoaster for me, but surely that’s what progressing from your early twenties to late twenties is all about. I like to sit back, enjoy the ride and try to learn as much as I can. As for you though, I’m guessing it’s been a difficult, stressful and pressurised journey where you can’t really afford to sit back. I’m also assuming that you’ve been exposed to a wealth of information and facts that has at times forced you to question your own morals and beliefs. I’ve certainly noticed that you no longer have that fresh faced look, your skin looks a little tired and worn out. I don’t mean to be rude here Mr. President, but you’ve aged quickly with your hair turning grey.

When I see you on the television or in the newspaper I often wonder if they got to you. Did the grey haired men, smoking big cigars, who lack empathy yet crave control, get to you? Did they break you down? You know the ones I mean, with the Federal Reserve in their back pocket and the US Military as their protecting bodyguard. They are exceedingly powerful and are to be feared because if you attempt to expose them and are not willing to play by their rules, then they will remove you completely from the game. The very honourable, JFK found this out two years after you were born.


But Mr. President, although you’ve aged and at times appear tired, your eyes can’t lie. I ask myself whether you still have the look of fire in your eyes, that look that made America and the world believe in you, that look that exalted you to be placed on a platform with the great Martin Luther King Jr.

As NATO meet in my country, I totally understand what a crazy world we are currently living in. The violent Islamic State activities occurring in Syria, Iraq and along the Turkish border are horrific. But I’m sure you’ll agree, especially after spending much of your younger years in an Islamic country that this violent movement is against everything that Islam stands for. It’s simply barbaric and Islam preaches peace; a violent political movement searching for control yet hiding behind a religious camouflage. The worrying factor is that many have already been fooled by this camouflage.

NATO also needs to focus on its long term plans in Afghanistan, constant cyber threats, territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the very prominent outbreak of Ebola. Mr. President, I can imagine the list is endless and I applaud your efforts and commitment. Although, I must admit that at times NATO worries me. An intergovernmental military alliance to help sustain peace, but over the past fifteen years has it not become a force within its own right. Has it not become a military vehicle allowing us to enforce on others?

Mr. President, everyone is very happy to have you in Wales. I’ve seen that the Welsh Government have even produced a video to welcome you, using all our national celebrities. I’m no celebrity and I’m not here to sell you my country, but I do have a more profound message.


We are a small nation but a proud one. You’ve probably noticed I refer to Wales as ‘my country’ and this is the same as every other Welsh person. Wales is part of us, and we are part of Wales. If you look at our history you’ll understand that we’ve had our hardships, the government destroyed our main industry and we were forced into decline. But we reinvented ourselves, turning our black valleys back to green. We’re adaptable and embrace change and although we’re small, we’re unified and strong. We are a peaceful nation of poetry, music, rugby and depth of soul. We’re not really into war; we’d rather sit down, have a beer and share a song. The one thing you will notice here is that my country is one that is full of passion. Passion dances freely around the valleys, into the mountains and along our coastline and this Mr. President is the message that I want Wales to leave with you. I hope the passion of our red dragon, fuels the fire in your heart and as you sit down for the NATO summit you’ll promote a message of peace not war.

In your very own words that you spoke on my 23rd Birthday, let us choose “hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord”.

Cheers Mr. President,