Wales – ‘Time is Now’

The January rain hits the glass on my window, the noise, a short reminder that summer is a good few months away.  Looking out, the sky is just white; that thick, glum cloud smothering the blue, diluting the sunlight.


Entering a daydream trance I watch one drop of rain water creeping down the pane of glass, ever so slowly, almost struggling.  Then, drastically it rapidly speeds up and shoots down to the bottom.  Those who’ve watched rain against the window will understand this scene.

I delve deeper into my mind; the raindrop on the window is much a reflection of life.  At the start, as a child, time seems slow, days long and years big.  Then as you approach adulthood, doesn’t it all just seem to speed up, and as the years go by, so faster does the clock of time.  But then what is time? Is it nothing but a man-made illusion, if man didn’t evolve would time exist?


It’s quite difficult to imagine a world without time, as it’s so significant to our reality and how we make sense of the world.  But really, with careful consideration, the world has always taught us that all we really have is the now.  The past is a collection of memories and the future proposed ideas, all within our own mind.  However, through focusing these ideas, can we allow them to become our intentions, which will then design our reality?

The raindrop has instigated a web of spiralling thoughts that have added some colour to an otherwise rainy day in Wales.  I watch another raindrop slide down the window pane of life, and ponder on my next move.  It has been a great month to be home; family, friends, Christmas and a birthday.  However, the mundane January vibe has started to seep in a little, accompanied with a miserable looking cloud preventing my daily dose of vitamin D.

It is that time again; time to extinguish the humdrum beat of everyday life and instead dance to the reggae rhythms of adventure and uncertainty of the road; time to remove the warm jacket of security and catch a chill from the winds of the unknown; time to buy a ticket and take a ride; time to realise that the time is now.


Are we all nothing but raindrops on the window pane of life? or in the words of Rumi “You are not a drop in the ocean.  You are the entire ocean in a drop”.

Your thoughts give birth to your intentions; your intentions are the parent of your reality.


Time to live. Now.