Wales – ‘This is Wales’

Walking along the Cefn Cyff mountain ridge, it’s difficult to not become totally engulfed by the vastness.  As the ridge heightens, there in the near distance I can see the peak of Fan Y Big and to its right Cribyn; the Beacons.  The carved valley between the two peaks provides a vacuum for the winter wind and the rapid movement of the mist, evidently affects visibility.  It’s a forever changing landscape and walking solo here promotes a mindset transformation.  The mountains defragment the mind, the natural wilderness gives licence to clarity and the harsh weather provides a subtle reminder that nature is in control.

Since its creation this blog has documented travel, adventure and lifestyle.  Over the years its readership has grown and I would like to thank those who have read it, shared it and contacted me regarding it.  I feel privileged to have travelled and worked in many parts of the world including the Middle East, South East Asia, Nepal, India, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, North America, South America and Europe.  Whether you’re climbing the Himalayas, riding a motorbike across a barren foreign landscape, scuba diving off the coast of Indonesia or simply camping within the desert, there’s something about such experiences that sets the soul on fire.  Materialism is vacant to me, but experiencing the world, on my own terms, is my most treasured and priceless possession.


I’ve been fortunate to have met many different people, of different religions, cultures and walks of life.  The poverty I have witnessed in many countries has provided me with an abundance of gratitude for what I have in my own life, whilst the simplicity that much of the world lives by, has inspired me to live a less complex life.

One thing that has never diminished is my loyalty to the country from where I am from.  Wales is and will always be a sacred part of the world, a country of rugged coastline, great mountains and a strong character prevalent amongst its people, built from years of hardship.  Wherever I travel, whoever I speak to, I always promote Wales and everything my country has to offer.

Much of the content within this blog has promoted different parts of the world; however I now want to promote Wales to the world.  I’m back living in Wales and working within the tourism industry, I aim to write and provide online content that will elevate Wales’ reputation as a destination.  I will work in partnership with businesses and organisations to show how Wales is a playground for adventure.

While standing on the peak of Fan Y Big, I Iook downwards to the path I’ve walked, the coldness causes a watering of the eyes.  The Brecon Beacons is a very special but unforgiving environment, its wild nature breathes with the wind.  Isolation within nature provides insulation for the heart and mind.

This is Wales.