Wales – ‘Pause Politics, Play Paolo!’

Over the last few days the media has provided me with a complete overdose of ‘politics’ and it seems to have left me with a worse hangover than tequila (at least tequila gets you high before feeling low).

In my humble opinion, the whole political system is pickled; the government are just a mere step up from us the population, controlling them are the multinational cooperations (who fund the political parties), who are in turn controlled by the central banks, who are run by a very limited financial elite. The ideology of a democracy and government is simply a way in which the masses (us) can be controlled. The powers above them are the ones who really make the decisions regarding what’s going on within our world (not ‘theirs’ but ‘ours’, they do not own the world, although they may think they do!) and their philosophy is simple, acquire more financial profit (for themselves of course). They have no regard for humanity or the environmental effects on the planet; they purely want to get richer.


However, the masses do not know or clearly understand that this system is in place and currently functioning. Why? Well, because many media cooperation’s are controlled and manipulated by this financial elite (many of them are actually owned by them) and therefore most channels of communication aimed towards the masses (again us) are carrying underlying messages. They are making you think and behave in a certain way, a way that benefits them of course.


So, when you’ve got a grasp of what’s really going on within the world, it’s not difficult to understand why this political show seems to leave me with a hangover. Does it really matter who gets in where? These Politicians are puppets for a more complex regime that is being run throughout the world, or is it really that complex? Changing the political party, who is in power, is much like changing the tyres of a car that is going in the wrong direction. There will be minor alterations but the car will still be heading in the wrong direction; we need to focus on changing the whole world regime in order to redirect the car into the right direction.

Alien quote

What is the right direction? Good question. But I’m pretty sure it should be based on eradicating world poverty as opposed to funding military advancement; creating more funds for medical research (which could be on the brink of finding cures to diseases) as opposed to supporting a pharmaceutical industry that makes billions from people being ill (this elite group owns much of the pharmaceutical industry, therefore finding cures will cost them profit); preventing multinational companies using poisonous chemicals on our food (that is making us ill in the first place); fully supporting renewable energy resources, research and implementation instead of constantly destroying the natural environment (we understand that it brings you huge profit, but we’d like future generations to be able to live on this planet too).

Luckily, while all this political propaganda has been surging through the media, I’ve been able to disconnect myself and listen to Paolo Nutini’s recently released album ‘Caustic Love’. Out of the spotlight for five years, he has re-emerged with an album which is career defining; a modern soul classic.

Track number 8 on the album, ‘Iron Sky’ reflects his anger in a political system that has failed to provide answers. How we have become a ‘cold society’ that has been ‘spoon fed mass confusion’, and that we need to rise ‘over fear and into freedom’. He highlights the fact that we have become ‘proud individuals, living for the city’ yet within these cities ‘the flames couldn’t go much higher’.


Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator

He intelligently uses a famous speech from Charlie Chaplin, made in 1940, from The Great Dictator. Is Nutini implying that the emotive words from the speech are of relevance today? We are not ‘machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!’ yet as a society, does it appear that we are?  Is it not time to ‘rise’, ‘over love over hate’ through ‘this iron sky that is fast becoming our minds’. Nutini has officially launched himself as one of the great singer/song writers. I urge you to turn off your television, radio, throw out your newspaper and turn this up (play it loud).

Pause Politics, Play Paolo (he’s talking more sense than any of them jokers anyway!).