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Wales – ‘Only Love’

For the past five months I haven’t had a mobile phone. I haven’t missed it; I’ve actually quite enjoyed it. I was never really into them in the past, I used mine for texting and calling, I never had an I phone. I know, I must be missing out on so much with the constant access to social media, tinder and some game about ‘candy’. But in all honesty the only social media I use is Facebook (on my laptop), I prefer to talk to girls, make eye contact and at least see them smile as opposed to ticking their photograph on a screen and as for ‘Candy’, that’s a Nutini song I play on guitar.

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I never bought into this I phone revolution; I mean what’s next, cyber relationships, cyber sex and then instead of real babies we can all walk around with Tamagotchi’s (at least you could take them to work and wouldn’t need childcare!). Anyway, I’m deviating from the point here; the fundamental fact is that we are now in a situation where as humans we can communicate on a global scale. Technological advancements and revolutions such as the I phone are allowing humanity to communicate electronically more than ever.

This should be a positive step forward for humanity; we should be sharing information about different cultures, religions, environments, different ways of living and through gaining more knowledge have a better understanding of the world. However, from my experience, many of these social media platforms are doing the complete opposite, they have became arenas for a variety of prejudices, attacking each other and creating divide instead of unity. What makes this worse is that many people who are spreading this hate are misinformed, have a misunderstanding and quite frankly haven’t got a fucking clue what they are on about.

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Visiting a mosque

Muslims and Islam seems to be the current hot topic at the moment.  Before people post something negative about that religion, they need to ask themselves, do I really understand it? They shouldn’t just read a newspaper article or listen to some fucked up politician in a suit. But actually, spend some time learning about the religion, speaking to Muslims, and gaining their own knowledge.

I’ve spent lots of time in an Islamic country, I’ve been hosted by Muslims and I’ve had in depth conversations with them. I even visited a mosque; yes, a western boy who drinks beer, had a full tour of a mosque and it was one of the most serene places I’ve ever been to. Islam reflects peace (with the same principles as most religions). Just because a minority of extremists use that religion as a mask for a political agenda doesn’t mean the religion is bad. Yes, what certain extremists are saying and doing, is totally wrong, but they are the minority and are falsely depicting the religion. Are all football fans hooligans? Are all teenagers who wear hoodies thieves?


The problem is that our media system (because it also has a very significant political agenda) is fully exposing the extremists and creating a link to Islam. Any person or group, that instigates mass violence, is simply in the wrong; religion has nothing to do with it.

What we need to start doing, because our media system certainly won’t, is start to promote love, unity and peace instead of hate, divide and war. The media focuses on all the things that are different with the world and reflects them in a negative light; diversity is what the world is all about, embrace it. We’ve got a lot more things in common than we have that are different; we’re all humans for starters!

Plus, we’ve got this life-changing device (or so I’ve been told!), the I phone, that allows instant communication on a mass scale, and we decide to use it to further elevate hate…fuck that, in the words of Ben Howard ‘Only Love!’.

And for anyone, i’ve offended by over using the word ‘fuck’ in this blog, it was done intentionally, please accept my apologies and please read this:


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