Wales – ‘Forever Young’

A letter from 30 year old me to 18 year old me….

Dear Kiddo,

You’re just 18, you’re twenties are going to be rocking (and let’s be honest kid, they should be, you need to be young and crazy in order to one day become old and wise) .  I know you don’t want to listen too much now, I get it, but these are the words of wisdom that I’d whisper in your ear…

one year

Always appreciate and be grateful for your family.  They are your foundations, your roots that go deep into the ground and will provide stability when the wind of life decides to change direction.  Your parents sacrificed a major part of their life, so that you could have yours; that’s the biggest commitment anyone will ever make to you.

At 18, your sister, is still just your little sister who thinks you’re mad.  By 30, she will become your best friend, her opinion and guidance will be something that you’ll truly value.  Listen to her.

karla girl

Always do your chin ups, with good form.

You’ll be lucky kiddo because throughout your twenties you’ll travel quite extensively throughout the world and make friends with many people.  Be thankful for this, because it’s fundamental to socialise with people of different ages, from different places, religions and cultures.  It’s from making these friendships that you’ll learn more about yourself and also about the world.  Never stop learning.

However, your mates that you played football with when you were a kid, will still be your best mates when your 30.  That’s priceless.

Always do your wide-grip pull ups, with good form.

Girls will come and go; you’re gunna be a sucker for the pretty ones with attractive eyes.  Learn from them, they’re good teachers and can sometimes see things that you can’t.  Never promise them the world, for it’s not yours to give but always provide them with the moment, for it’s all you really have.  It’s all any of us really have.  As for love, just be cautious with that one.

Let the world be your teacher, don’t believe what people say.  Find out for yourself.  Learn through experience, for life is one big lesson, mistakes are part of the process and top grades don’t really exist.  Perfection is a mere illusion; loyalty, humility and humour are far more important.


Most of the trouble you’ll experience will be as a result of booze.  Be careful, it can release your demons and turn you into something you’re not.  However, some of your best times will also be while the liquor is flowing.  Use it, respect it; don’t let it control you.

Always do your press ups, with good form.

Creativity is the fabric of the soul; apply it to everything you do, starting with your life.  Read philosophy, have a broad musical taste and avoid stereotypical thought patterns.  Always look at the world with the wonder and curiosity as you did as a kid, for that’s the key to maintaining your youth.  Ask questions.


Seek information about dopamine, serotonin and endorphins.  They will be the greatest chemicals you’ll ever experience and are produced within your own brain through natural activity.  Eat healthy, exercise and expose yourself to the sun.  Water, fire and the stars are native elements of the earth, that when stared at, will allow you to enter a meditative state.  Use them all.

Outside your comfort zone is where you’ll grow; it’s where you’ll become stronger physically and mentally.  Go there, regularly.  Climb mountains, dive in the ocean but remember the deepest you will ever go is within your own mind.  Conquer your fears, become a master of your mind, meditate.

You’ll be surprised how much you change through you’re twenties kid; becoming more knowledgeable, gaining perspective, identifying your mistakes and learning from them (some you’ll make again).

People will say that it’s part of getting older; never get older kid, just get more experienced.

In the words of your favourite Dylan track, ‘May you stay Forever Young’….get a cold beer, appreciate the lyrics and turn it up, LOUD! Lyrically one of the best songs ever written……….