Sydney – ‘This is Sydney…’

I’ve never been what you’d call a ‘city person’.  Cities seem to attract an abundance of people who define themselves through their job as oppose to their character.  But worse than that, there seems to be this epidemic virus that spreads amongst all those who choose to live there; it’s called ‘busy’.  Busy at work, busy in the evenings, busy at weekends; ask a particular question and they probably didn’t do it, simply because they’re busy.  When they die, these people may have the stark realisation, that their whole life, they’ve been to busy to live!

I’ve always been quite lucky to avoid the busy virus and I think you can gain immunity from it by fundamentally understanding that it’s a mind thing.  When you’re constantly concentrating and trying to be alert, your mind is working at its highest frequency, the beta stage.  When the brain is persistently within this frequency, it has negative health effects such as anxiety and disease.  By lowering the frequency of your thought patterns to alpha, theta and delta, you actually achieve a range of diverse health benefits.


Bottom line is, continually frying your brain in the beta frequency (which is sadly what most people do) is much like playing the car radio at full volume; eventually it will blow.  It’s essential to decrease the volume; slow down the frequency; fuck busy off, it’s bad for you!

Anyway, although I was pretty sure that existence within the city encourages a beta brainwave frequency, I was still keen to experience the city life (to test whether I was still immune from the busy virus!)  If you’re going to choose a city to live in, to experience and indulge in, then I guessed it would be best to select one of the sexiest in the world; her name was and still is Sydney.

She’s young in comparison to many cities in the world, modern and in a mild state of evolution; she’s still growing.  Sydney is affluent, there’s an influx of wealth and the repercussions of this are reflected in what the city offers.

There’s always something on; food, cider, music, sporting festivals.  It’s alive.  The lifestream of this city feeds it’s youthful population and is the reason why thousands flock here for the Sydney experience.


For me, the speciality of this city is that it’s built upon the water.  If you were to fly above it, the water engulfs the land like a long skinny hand separating the various suburbs.  Some public transport routes involve jumping on a thirty minute ferry ride and gazing at the water (or if you’re like me, staring at the Opera House and imagining if it could come alive and start dancing like the Citroen C4 did in the advert back in 2006 to Guetta’s Egg track).  Plus, you’ve got the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge that looks pretty spectacular, especially when you’re cruising underneath it on a party boat on a sunny Saturday afternoon and your brain is tuned into the good time.

With the water come the beaches; a city with beaches (different but authentic and unique).  If the city centre decides to speed things up, then the beaches certainly slow things down, a simple form of yin and yang in existence.  The beach lifestyle accompanied with the city job is probably Sydney’s major attraction, if she was a woman this would be her deep, seductive eyes.

…Ohhh yer and one more thing, she loves to party!!!

And always puts on top grub….