Nepal – ‘Dear Santa…’

Dear Santa,

I know that I haven’t written to you in near enough twenty years, it was not because I stopped believing but more to do with the fact that I’m not sure that I was the best behaved.  I couldn’t really be bothered with a bag of coal!

Anyway, I’ve just spent a month in Nepal and I’m pretty sure it’s a country you’ve never been to as the kid’s there definitely don’t have too many gifts. I mean some of them are struggling to find any clothes and it’s a battle for them to access food.  That’s quite fucked up Santa, especially when you consider the excessiveness within our world.  Don’t you agree?


So, I was hoping that this year maybe you could do me a few favours and help them out.  If you do, I promise to try and behave better next year (I’ll be hitting 30 after all!)  

Firstly, I was wondering if there’s any way we can help the orphans.  I was lucky enough to visit two orphanages while in Nepal and in all honesty I felt a bit like you.  All these kids were jumping all over me, couldn’t wait to talk to me and listened to me attentively.  Just my presence seemed to make them smile.  I bought some writing books that they could use at school because I believe education is fundamental in changing our world.  Education and love will be the weapons of the future, when we wake up and realise that guns and bombs are out of date.  I also bought a football, because from my experience sport can teach you significant life skills outside the classroom; teamwork, leadership and respect.


Secondly, I’m not sure if you’re aware but over the last few months Nepal has been suffering from a fuel shortage.  It’s very political and from what I understand India are utilising their power to bully a smaller country.  We all hate bullies Santa.  The effect this has on the vulnerable is phenomenal; food shortages, lack of humanitarian aid and no medical supplies.  Considering the country is rehabilitating from an earthquake that killed close to 10,000, you’d think India and the world for that matter would be more understanding.   

Thirdly, during my time in Nepal I ventured into the vastness of mountains and stayed in petite Himalayan villages.  For me, it was quite refreshing to see people living simplistically off the land and the prevailing sense of community that existed there.  However, I was saddened to find out that some of the young girls are taken from these villages to become singers in the entertainment industry and are later forced into prostitution and sex trafficking.  Again, this seems messed up and another example how a poorer country becomes exploited within our world.


If you could provide any help or assistance with these problems, I will be forever grateful.

Actually, one more thing Santa, tell Rudolph to lay off the Charlie this year and maybe his nose won’t be so red.  I heard he took the sleigh up and around Jupiter before finding Earth last year.  It must have been one hell of a trip.



Nepal is an amazing country to visit and is very cheap.  It has experienced a terrible year due to the earthquake and now fuel crisis.  Tourism is fundamental to the country’s economy, and I urge all those independent travelers who follow my blog to go there.  Get it on your list, it is screaming out for visitors!!

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