Gili T – ‘Get Your Twinkle On!’

On your way over on the speed boat, will you do me a huge favour? Leave all your worries, frowns and seriousness dissolve in the water underneath you.  You’re going to the Gili’s baby; sunsets that question your existence, waters that prove your existence, stars that make you feel non-existent and parties that you probably weren’t sure existed.


Twinkling on the beach…

Gili T is your party island, Gili Meno your super relaxed island and Gili Air, well a cocktail of both.  They all appeal to me as they reflect different elements of my character; that’s probably why I spent a month on them last year.

Here I was back again, nine months after leaving.  This time however, I was meeting four of my mates from Wales.  They were about to disconnect and tune themselves into the Gili vibe.  Gili T, turn up the music and call out the stars because I’m going to be twinkling!

What is twinkling? Good question.  Twinkling is when you align yourself with the cosmos, bring your consciousness into the present moment, let positive vibrations infiltrate you, remove all negativity, your aura will shine.  Understand that the now is all there ever is and all that will ever be.  Absorb and appreciate everything that surrounds you.  Open your eyes and see the magic in the world.  Smile, feel good; you are twinkling!

boat party

Twinkling on the boat…

The Gili’s encourage ‘twinkling’ because the whole island creates good vibrations.  As soon as you get off the boat it is virtually impossible not to become a little overwhelmed by your physical surroundings; idyllic beaches, bamboo reggae bars and beautiful girls.

The local people here, they address you as ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ and always give a high five.  You see, the division that exists within some parts of the world through religion, politics or culture is non-existent here.  The locals understand that the ideology of separation is man- made, non-beneficial and primarily out of date.  Materialistically, the western world may label these people as poor, but spiritually they are light years ahead of us and have a wealth that cannot be gained through financial advancement.  It’s real, it’s what counts.

So the boys were on Gili T, Mitch, Specs, Gourlay and Musclehead; there were initially a few hours of half decent conversation before the Bintang started to kick in followed by endless Caprioska’s or Capsy’s (as we preferred to call them!)  Now, if you’re twinkling and you add a few Capsy’s to the mix, then you are going to have one helllllll of a twinkle on!  As expected, it all went a bit wild.


These two had one hellll of a twinkle on!

The following day, the boys looked blurry eyed.  Get in the pool, get a Bintang in, we’re going on THE boat.  What boat? THE boat.  What boat? THE boat that rocked my socks off last year; the boat that cruises around the Gili’s all day blasting soul shaking, hip twisting dance music; the boat where sexy girls pour liquor down your neck; the boat that takes you to a sunset that’s a gateway to heaven.

A few hours later we are on THE boat.  We are twinkling.  The whole boat is twinkling.  That’s the beauty with twinkling, it spreads.  You’re not made up of solid matter, you are atomic energy; the same atoms that make up you were once the atoms that made up the stars.  You are connected to everything; twinkle and watch the world twinkle with you.

Roald Dahl