General Election – ‘Labour or Tory?’

The political saga of our world continues…Brexit, Trump, France (at least they made the correct choice) and now the woman who over the last year has been stating that there will be no early election within the UK, has actually called a ‘snap’ election.

That woman sadly is our Prime Minister and will clearly lie to the ever obedient public (us).  Should we be surprised? Of course not, she is part of the same political party as the blonde bimbo Johnson, who you’ll remember for his pivotal role in Brexit; convincing the masses (us again) that he would spend £350 million on the NHS following a ‘leave’ vote, but we were to discover (promptly after the campaign) that this was another evident lie.  After his deceiving and dishonest act, our Prime Minister decided to make him the country’s Foreign Secretary; being untrustworthy with the ability to mislead are noticeable qualities needed to gain promotion within the Conservative Party.  “Well done Boris, old chap, you surely convinced all them silly bastards (yes, us again) with that deceitful and fraudulent political campaign, continue in this way and you’ll probably lead this party, and possibly even this great country of ours. Now back to more serious business, how can we make more money for our millionaire donors?”

When discussing politics there are reoccurring themes regarding those who become elected.  They cannot be trusted, they are corrupt and their only objective is to take care of themselves and their elite group of friends.  They do not represent us (the public) and are not in touch with the real world as they do not understand the financial and social difficulties we face in everyday life.

Over the last seven years of a Conservative run Britain we must acknowledge that such statements have proven true.  As our Prime Minister lied to us about the ‘snap’ election, as Boris Johnson lied to us about Brexit, so their party has continually lied to us about living standards, the National Health Service, education funding, the deficit and debt.  It’s fundamental that we understand what the Conservative party represents; they do not comprehend the difficulties facing Britons every day.

As living standards decline and the housing crisis becomes worse, the Conservative party is on the side of the wealthy landlords; if the NHS dismantles, the Conservatives have enough financial power to purchase private health care; if the public education system is poorly funded and deteriorates, the Conservatives have enough wealth to send their children to private schooling and as for deficit and debt, then that will be passed onto us through higher taxes and living costs (the ever obedient public or silly bastards who elected them).

However, the ‘snap’ election has provided us with a choice, an opportunity to depower the devious Conservative party and elect a party whose policies aim to transform our country to benefit us, the many and not just the few.

The Labour party aim to create a million jobs across the nation through investing £500 billion in infrastructure and industry, with the introduction of a publicly-owned National Investment Bank.  They want to end the housing crisis by building over a million new homes in five years while introducing rent controls and increasing access to affordable home ownership.  Workers will be given more secure employment rights, ending zero hour contracts and preventing the undercutting of pay and conditions through the exploitation of migrant labour.  Privatisation of the NHS (that Johnson blatantly lied about) will be ended and its future secured, as well as a National Education Service providing free education for all with quality apprenticeships and adult skill training.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has guaranteed there will be no more tax rises for income taxpayers earning less than eighty thousand pounds a year, no dramatic increases in VAT and no changes to National Insurance contributions.  The majority of the UK population of low and middle earners are within this bracket, actually ninety five percent of the population (this is us!) and will benefit hugely from such policies.

The super rich and major corporations will be targeted to pay more; why should billionaires (yes billionaires) and millionaires (yes there’s plenty of them here as well) have their capital gains tax decreased while us (the ever obedient public) are told we have to pay more?  This is the reality of Conservative run Britain.  NHS nurses are at breaking point and are forced to use food banks because they cannot afford to eat, while the super wealthy are provided with tax breaks.  Just consider that fact; the nurses who care for you while you’re ill, caring for your family, children or parents, after working long hours, are in a dire situation, where they cannot afford to buy food.  We are one of the richest countries in the world, this should not be happening, but this is Tory Britain.

As we, the middle and lower income earners are completing the worst decade for pay growth since the Napoleonic wars, the Sunday Times Rich List states that the UK now has more billionaires than ever before.  The twenty richest Britons alone are now worth one hundred and ninety two billion, while in the same country four million children live in poverty.  One doesn’t have to be highly intelligent to realise the emerging pattern here; the current government has a system in place that benefits the super rich, while the other ninety five percent of us are in a state of decline, with a lower level of expectation of what life can offer.

Many on that Rich List assist in funding the Conservative party with hefty payments, why?  So that their policies will continue to make them richer, while the rest of the country suffers from further financial strain.  Many on that list are also media moguls who control the information we are exposed to, meaning much of what we read and listen to has already been coloured in blue.

The greatest concern and clear worry, is that come June 8th, many of us (the 95% that Labour is striving to help) may unfortunately re-elect another Conservative government.  This is the definition of insanity, as Einstein put it “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

You want an improved NHS, vote Labour; you want a funded education service for future generations, vote Labour; you want improved workers rights, vote Labour; you want more affordable housing, vote Labour; you want a government that aims to improve the quality of life for ninety five percent of the population, vote Labour.

If you have a billion in the bank (or just a good few million), can afford private health care, can send your kids to private schooling, own a wealth of property and want to keep exploiting the masses with your current businesses, then vote Conservative.

It’s black or white, or red or blue.