The Three Sisters

Blue Mountains – ‘If You Listen, The Mountains Talk’

They are brown blended with orange in colour, they stand out from the dominant green backdrop yet they still fit in and every time you look at them you seem to notice something different. Today, the sun is strong and the texture of the rock evident. I can see faces within them, in the same way you can see faces within the clouds.

According to aboriginal myth, the three protruding rocks in the Blue Mountains were once three sisters that were turned into stone. The sisters were in love with three brothers from a neighbouring tribe but marriage was forbidden by tribal law. The brothers were warriors and made the decision to take the maidens using force, but the Kuradjuri (clever man) of the village turned them into stone to protect them. However, he then got killed in battle and the spell was never reversed.

Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters are now an extremely popular tourist attraction and they stand proudly but not arrogantly within the Blue Mountains. Why are they called Blue? All their trees, flora and fauna are green. However, when you look out at them as a collective they appear blue, almost as if they have been filtered by instagram. It’s a sapphire blue, transparent and I’ve had the chance to stare at them endlessly over the past few months, but each time still seems to fill me with some sort of amazement.

The hazy blueness and the vastness of the mountains will deceive you into thinking that you’re so small. But it’s almost as if this is just a trick because if you stare into the vastness long enough the mountains then empower you; they make you realise, understand or simply remember that you’re part of them. You’re part of it all; the infinite beauty of the universe in existence; you are the universe experiencing itself. Let’s think about that for a second; for a very short period (your lifetime) you are the universe conscious of itself. It will blow your mind, but don’t worry our minds haven’t got the capability to understand it. You need to see these mountains. No, let me rephrase, you need to feel these mountains.

The magical and hypnotic blue colour is believed to be enhanced by the millions of oil droplets released into the atmosphere by the huge numbers of eucalyptus trees. Maybe this is the reason that when I walk or run within these mountains I feel mentally rejuvenated; they say eucalyptus is a natural stimulant, increasing blood flow and removing exhaustion.


After a few minutes I disengage my mind from The Three Sisters and watch the numerous tourists surrounding me. Armoured with their selfie sticks and cameras they prioritise having a photograph before they have even looked out from the viewpoint. It is almost as if they just arrive, take the photograph, glance and then leave.  Surely there’s more to see than just a photograph.

What many of them fail to understand is that their eyes are the greatest camera that they will ever own and their brain the most effective processing machine in existence. Why don’t they just look, breathe (because the air at roughly 3400ft is purer than most), let their mind dissolve thoughts of the past or the future and fully engage in the present. If they could do that, then they would take the best photograph they’ve ever taken. Although, it wouldn’t be one taken by an electronic device to be saved, uploaded or shown. It would be one engraved within the memory of their soul.

I know this, because I take them every time I venture into the Blue Mountains.