About Me

As a kid in school I liked to write stories, I was good at it. I found it liberating and invigorating to explore my own imagination and bring it alive through words.  Within your imagination there are no boundaries, just creative force.


Fast forward a few years and I was a Journalism graduate.  My writing had improved; my mind had become more critical with an academic outlook.

At University, a late night conversation with a flatmate regarding a backpacking trip that she had completed before starting her course, had set my mind alight.  The thought of packing up your belongings in a backpack and embarking on an adventure around the world in the pursuit of happiness and freedom was something that appealed to my character.

After graduating, I worked for six months, saved as much money as I could and bought an around the world ticket.  The Middle-East, South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the States; I was instantly addicted.  New people, experiences and cultures, the very essence of what life is about.


On returning to Wales I worked for five years in the tourism industry, focusing on marketing.  I was writing again, for work purposes.  I still travelled extensively throughout Europe, South America and back to South-East Asia.

Travelling inspired me.  It allowed the thoughts within my imagination to be brought to reality.  The world is big, diverse and can saturate your need to explore.  It was during these trips that I had a yearning to travel full time and write about it.  There was something liberating about throwing yourself into the hands of the universe and bringing the quest alive through words.

I finished my job in Wales, built this website and let the venture unfold.  Obey all the rules and you’ll miss all the fun.  That was two years ago, I’ve travelled through more of South-East Asia, Europe, Nepal and Australia.  I’ve worked along the way, but worked in order to keep pursuing the dream – to travel and to write.


The blog has grown and now has a decent worldwide following, this I find extremely humbling.  Essentially, it is a travel and lifestyle blog; sometimes funny, sad, entertaining, thought-provoking and even controversial.

As a kid I liked to write stories and as an adult I recognise that your life is the greatest story you’ll ever tell.  Live your life without boundaries and recognise that you are the creative force.



For information regarding freelance journalism, copywriting, providing content and marketing consultancy, please contact me at this email address – jwills_11@hotmail.com