About Me

I guess I wanted to be a writer.  I graduated in journalism over ten years ago, but rather than embarking on a professional career, I chose adventure.

Armed with a backpack instead of a briefcase, I travelled around the world; the Middle East, South East Asia, India, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, The States, South America and throughout Europe.

The world was my teacher and the more I travelled, stretching myself further from my comfort zone, the bigger the addiction became.  Climbing the Himalayas, trekking through jungles, camping besides volcanoes and diving in foreign seas, provided the ultimate fix.  When you live life in a continual flow of such experiences, you become totally engulfed with living within the now.  You only have one life, but surely if you live it right, one is enough.

I spent weeks camped up on an Indonesian tropical island; watching sunrise whilst swimming with turtles and after sunset drank beers around a beach fire.  I lived in a derelict building, for months, in the Blue Mountains of Australia and worked on a building site.  In comparison, I had a high flying city job in Sydney and my flat overlooked the very noble and trendy, Darling Harbour.  The Dordogne was my home for nearly a year; I got lost riding my motorbike around the enchanting castles and vineyards.  I explored India on a Royal Enfield, a new route each day on a quest for freedom.  I experienced the world on my own terms, which is a treasured possession and privilege.

Different religions, cultures and ways of life were exposed to me, which allowed me to reflect and consider my own.  As I said, the world is a wonderful teacher and experience provides the most sincere of lessons.  The ability to understand and see different perspectives throughout the world is a fundamental truth that travelling has taught me.

Much of the experience has been recorded within the blog.  Maybe I’ve become a writer after all.

I’m currently based in Wales and working to promote my home nation to the rest of the world.

For information regarding freelance journalism, copywriting, providing content and marketing consultancy, please contact me at this email address – jwills_11@hotmail.com 

All views expressed are my own and are not linked to any professional body.