Monthly archives: July, 2015

kid guitar

Kuala Lumpur/Sydney – ‘Just a Kid & a Guitar’

I just sat there and watched the majority of people leave their seats and form one big queue to show their tickets before boarding the flight.  Have you ever noticed this while you’re waiting in departures?  As soon as they announce that the flight is ready to board, most people surge and form a huge…

George Osborne's budget box

Wales – ‘F**k The Budget!’

The Chancellor of the Exchequer (what a funny word to say that is) yesterday announced his 2015 Budget.  Basically, the politician (lying bastard!) who is responsible for our country’s financial matters explains the state of our economy and forecast for the next year, focusing on proposals for revenues and spending. In the last twenty four…


Wales – ‘Live Simply, Simply Live’

There are a variety of reasons why I love to backpack and if I was to write about them all, then I’m sure it would transform into a novel.  However, one fundamental element related to backpacking that does appeal directly to my character is to do with the subject of ‘simplicity’. Living from a backpack…