Monthly archives: December, 2014


Sydney – ‘A Sad Day In Sydney…’

I woke up and wandered into the hostel kitchen still half asleep. I then completed my morning ritual; made a cup of tea, grabbed some fruit from the fridge, took the plastic chair from the dining area to outside, pulled off my t-shirt and sat in the sun. Waking up to sunshine is one of…

Surry Hills

Sydney – ‘You’ve got the Dreamers Disease’

You turn up with your backpack and a head full of dreams. Dreams of sunset beaches, overnight road trips in a dusty camper along unknown roads to new destinations; dreams of a sun kissed girl with an open mind to lay with you in the wilderness underneath a sky full of stars; dreams of discovering…

Harbor Bridge

Sydney – ‘Here I Go Again’

I recall my late teens and early twenties as the Ibiza years, as every summer a gang of us (all friends since we were kids) would make the annual pilgrimage to the white hedonistic island to party and lose just a little bit of our minds. I was 21 and after an astounding week it…